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Cross Stitch Project Organizer - 7 Floss Bobbin Slots Valet

Floss Bobbin and Needlework Supplies/Project Organizers are the perfect tools to add to your stitching collection. These compact, all-in-one valets will keep you from having to dig in your project bag over and over again to find your scissors, needles, or next floss color.

boards are approximately 6mm thick plywood with 7 slots that securely hold 1.5 mm thickness bobbins (similar to the generic DMC plastic bobbins).
- The boards are made from Maple plywood.

Cross Stitch Project (WITH MAGNETS) Organizer Measurements:
- Entire Piece: 11.25"w x 4.25"h
- Mounting Area: 3.5" w x 3.5" h (approximately)
- ONE - 3" x 3.75" Opening that can hold a 4" pair of scissors/shears diagonally. This is also the perfect area to place your beads and buttons while working on a project.
- SEVEN - 7.25" Floss Bobbin Slides that can each hold FOUR (1.5 mm thick) Bobbins with space between each.
- The eighth and largest 7.25" Slide houses 2 Neodymium Magnets that can be used as needle minders - These are especially handy for projects with lots of confetti stitches.

Finish Options:
- Assembled (Fully Finished): This piece with come fully assembled (glued) and with a protective poly coating.
- Unassembled (DIY): This piece comes as raw, unassembled wood that you can paint/stain/finish and glue down to your liking.