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Halo Table Magnifying Lamp # U25300

his modern compact and multi-purpose table magnifier delivers 8 diopter (3X) magnification with a 20 diopter (6.0X) inset lens. When your work demands close-up precision and masterful attention to every detail, this daylight LED light delivers high contrast, accurate color matching, low heat and the flexibility that you demand. Easy to pack up, take with you, set up and use wherever, whenever and however you need. Never change a lightbulb again! LED’s are designed to last 50,000 hours.

Key Features
- Rechargeable battery
- 4 hours of light on full brightness, the brightness remains consistent for the full 4 hours
- 8 hours of light on second setting, the brightness remains consistent for the full 8 hours
- 2 brightness levels
- Battery level indicator
- 6 hours for full recharge
- Compact design
- Folds completely flat
- 9 cm (3.5in) diameter lens
- 5 dioptres magnification lens (2.25X)
- 12 dioptres magnification inset lens

  • Color: White
  • Made of: Plastic and Metal
  • Use: Lamp
  • Size: 13in x 5.9in x 5.9in
  • Included: One Lamp